Bachelor's programme - Sopocka Szkoła Wyższa
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Bachelor’s programme


The condition for enrolment on the Bachelor’s programme by foreigners (non-Polish citizens) is to submit all relevant documents:


  1.  certificate of the final secondary school examination provided with apostille or legalized.
    where you can do it: follow the link
  2.  information about the secendary school programm with the list of grades
  3. certified translation of the certificate of the final secondary school examination into Polish, prepared by a certified translator entered in the list of translators by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland or certified by a consul of the Republic of Poland in office in the country where the document was issued;
  4. the certificate confirming that the candidate’s graduation certificate for secondary education allows him/her to take up higher education studies at all types of higher education institutions in the country in which the graduation certificate of secondary education was issued. The certificate is not required if the proper information can be found on the graduation certificate of secondary education.
  5. application form pdf
  6. copy of a visa or residence card or another document entitling the applicant to stay on the territory of Poland
  7. medical certificate confirming good health and lack of counter indications to beginning studies
  8. copy of a document certifying the applicant’s insurance and its validity on the territory of Poland
  9. document certifying the knowledge of English
  10. copy of passport
  11. learning agreement signed by the applicant and the University (2 copies)
  12. payment declaration (2 copies)
  13. declaration for the choice of the faculty
  14. three passport-size photos 3,5cm x 4,5 cm (with the applicant’s a signature on the back of the photos)
  15. registration fee and tuition fee (confirmation of payment)


All documents must be originals and should be submitted to the Admissions Office of Sopot University of Applied Sciences.




Bachelor Programme – Business & Languages
Full-time and Part time programme (3 –years):
– tuition fee for one year: 2000 EUR (1000 EUR per semester)
– registration fee: 100 EUR


Bank account
Bank Zachodni WBK S. A. Oddział 2 w Sopocie
ul. Chopina 6, 81-752 Sopot
77 1500 1706 1217 0005 9276 0000


For further information please contact Admissions: tel. +48 58 555 83 80
Mobile phone: +48 573 312 278

For further information please contact Admissions

Mobile phone: +48 573 312 278
+48 58 555 83 80