study in Poland - international business - SSW in Sopot
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Bachelor’s programmes







Full time studies, part time studies – 3 years

WHY Business and Languages?

► It is a unique degree on a national scale. It involves interdisciplinary studies, run by the Intercollegiate Faculty of Linguistics and Business, carried out by the Sopot University of Applied Science and the Ateneum University, building the basis for broad professional development, preparing the graduates for working in a multicultural environment, inter alia at international companies. The study program, prepared in cooperation with business practices, is modeled on the programs and the educational trends offered by universities worldwide. It is a combination of business and economic studies with intensive learning of two languages.

► Foreign language classes:
obligatory: English; elective: German, Swedish, Spanish, French, Polish

► Guaranteed internship in the sixth semester, in the largest Polish and foreign corporations from the BPO/SSC sector (inter alia: Bayer, Kemira, Thyssenkrupp, DNV, Arla).

Fashion Workshop

► B&L graduates receive a bachelor’s degree from two universities and the possibility to undertake second-degree studies in various fields. The study major is run by the Intercollegiate Faculty of Linguistics and Business at the Sopot University of Applied Science. The first-degree studies are 6-semester long, completed with a bachelor’s degree.

► The graduates will acquire professional skills and competencies:
proper usage of English and of another elected foreign language in terms of different types of linguistic communication, communicating in English and in another elected language in various social situations, ability to assess and opinionate economic and social problems, ability to apply economic and taxation law, ability to capture and measure economic operations in accounting and tax books, ability to prepare and evaluate financial reports, application of quantitative methods and analytical techniques as tools for studying economic phenomena and processes, recognition of the principles of enterprise functioning, application of basic organizational and managerial concepts and methods.
The objective of the studies is to train an expert in international business. The graduate will be equipped with skills helping to appreciate economic, political and cultural dimensions of global business. Excellent knowledge of international issues thanks to the participation in prestigious studies will open many doors in the business world. During the 3 years of study the students will participate in various projects and improve your skills by formulating business strategies and solving economic problems.

Student opinions

Dr. Tomasz Kalinowski
Former Counselor – Minister, diplomat, expert in Polish-German relations

Business & Languages is a modern educational offer for the students who are fascinated by the world of international business. With this new offer of the SUAS, the students no longer have to make the difficult choice between studying business or neo-philological majors. Thanks to careful selection of the subjects, the students will learn about the problems and the conditions of the Polish business in an international environment, with consideration of both the “hard” factors, such as e.g. finance, accounting, international economic relations, marketing, as well as the “soft” ones, such as the problems of effective communication, ethics and negotiations under international conditions in a flexibly adapted configuration of two foreign languages. The neo-philological package contains such components as e.g. effective business communication in two foreign languages (English and German) which play a key role for Polish economy, with the possibility of electing another language. With this tailored educational offer, graduates of the Business & Languages major will be able to work in the BPO sector that has been dynamically developing in Poland, in the Polish companies which are at the foreign economic expansion stage as well as in the foreign companies that expect from their employees the unique combination of the competencies offered by this innovative major.

For further information please contact Admissions

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