Foundation year - study in Poland - SSW - Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia
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Foundation Year

Why study a foundation programme?

Sopot University of Applied Sciences offers Foundation Years for students who are not eligible to directly enroll for direct entry into our undergraduate degrees.


A Foundation Year may be an option for those who do not meet the traditional entry requirements for an undergraduate degree of their choice. Our Foundation Years can provide a route into several different subjects at our University.


The Foundation Year for secondary school graduates is an intensive programme aimed at improvement of language skills, as well as preparation of those wishing to study in English or in Polish at Sopot University of Applied Sciences or any other Polish university.


The applicants can choose one of two options:

– Foundation Year IN ENGLISH for those who would like to enroll in a bachelor’s program or a master’s program taught in English

– Foundation Year IN POLISH language for those who would like to enroll in a bachelor’s program or a master’s program taught in Polish


Foundation courses not only develop language skills, but also prepare for a variety of courses, such as: Business, Management, Culture.

Benefits of the programme

  • Learning English or Polish towards B2, depending on the variation selected
  • Admission to the first year of studies at the Sopot University of Applied Sciences, after completion of the Foundation Year Program
  • 20 learning hours per week
  • The Foundation Year lasts 1 academic year (from November till December – including semestral breaks)
  • Possibility to learn Polish (also for the applicants who chooses the Foundation Year taught in English)
  • Small classes – small classes, tailored to the needs of the students whose first language is not English, offer more opportunities to ask questions and allow a friendly atmosphere during the classes (i.e. teachers know your name)
  • Familiarization with Polish culture and society
  • Integration with the university life and the student community from day one

Admission deadline

The academic year consists of two semesters, the Fall Semester  starting in the beginning of October and finishing in the end of January) and Spring Semester starting in the beginning in the end of February and finishing in the end of September).  Sopot Univeristy of Applied Sciences provides one intake a year  – for Fall Semester which starts on November 1.

For international candidates admissions deadline for academic year 2020/2021 is September 10, 2020.  Admission starts on December 1, 2019.

Admission documents

  1. application form pdf
  2. copy of a visa or residence card or another document entitling the applicant to stay on the territory of Poland (after getting all admission documents and paying we give admission letter to get visa)
  3. medical certificate confirming good health and lack of counter indications to start studies
  4. copy of a document that certifies the candidate’s insurance on the territory of Poland
  5. copy of passport
  6. Year Foundation study contract signed by the candidate and the University (2 copies)
  7. three passport-size photos (with a signature of the applicant on reverse)
  8. registration fee and tuition fee (confirmation of payment)
  9. parents’ or legal guardians’ declaration of candidate for a student of Foundation Year in Sopot Univeristy of Applied Sciences, notarised and translated into Polish or English language / concerning candidates who are under 18 years old


Admission fee: 100 EUR

Tuition fee per semester:

Foundation year in Polish – 1000 EUR

Foundation year in English – 1100 EUR



Joanna Pietrzak


phone: +48 573 312 278