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Postgraduate studies



Part time studies – 2 years


The Sopot University of Applied Science is accredited by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), therefore we can offer ACCA Finance and Accounting Postgraduate studies. The Sopot University of Applied Science is the only non-public university in Northern Poland offering postgraduate studies ACCA FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING in English.


Programm is dedicated to the persons who want to achieve a high professional position in the fields of accounting, auditing and finance.
The postgraduate program provides the graduates with the opportunity to be exempted from 9 exams that enable acquisition of the ACCA certificate.


ACCA is a prestigious institution for accounting professionals, offering accounting, finance and managerial qualifications and standards that are significant from the business perspective.
ACCA operates in 181 countries. It is recognized by the EU member states. It operates in North and South America, Asia and Australia (more at:


The Sopot University of Applied Science is the only non-public university in Northern Poland offering second-degree studies in the field of ACCA FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, with simultaneous possibility of realizing postgraduate studies in the field of FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING.
The studies end with acquisition of a master’s degree and/or a certificate of completion of postgraduate studies.

ACCA qualification

ACCA is the largest and the fastest developing international organization associating finance and accounting professionals.

The ACCA qualification is one of the most prestigious qualifications in this field, appreciated by employers worldwide:    and

Why choose second-degree studies in ACCA finance and accounting?

  • ACCA provides comprehensive and practical knowledge in the field of finance and accounting, which enables working in a variety of positions.
  • ACCA teaches modern enterprise management, risk management, strategic planning, law, as well as allows specializing in auditing and taxation.
  • ACCA is the best choice for those who want to specialize in corporate finance.
  • ACCA graduates are well versed in international business, yet they also understand the local conditioning.
  • ACCA graduates have the same knowledge, regardless the place / country of their graduation.
  • ACCA graduates use a unified, standard financial and business vocabulary.
  • ACCA graduates can effectively compete on the labor market in their home country as well as abroad.
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