Studia podyplomowe - Transition Manager Academy – w jęz. angielskim - Sopocka Szkoła Wyższa
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Studia podyplomowe – Transition Manager Academy – w jęz. angielskim

Transition Manager Academy – w jęz. angielskim


To provide the knowledge and skills required for the management and coordination of transition and transformation initiatives.

To provide participants with an understanding of the theory and practice of leadership and the contribution that leadership behaviours make to the delivery of sustained value through transition projects and programmes.

To transform from a Project Manager to a Change Leader.

Leading trainers

Project management expert, AgilePMO Founder / CEO, Kozminski Executive Business School Coordinator, certified Project Manager PMP®, PRINCE2P®, AgilePM®, PSM®, teal leader, mentor, business trainer, MBA lecturer and speaker worldwide. PMI Poland Chapter President 2014-2016

Małgorzata is a project management expert with 18 years of experience of managing global projects and programmes across multiply industries. She is Agility and Teal ambassador, specializing in transition and transformation initiatives, where she combines Agile with traditional approaches. She is also the author of the innovative business solutions and training programs, including the first Transition Manager Academy. She is known for creativity and openness to experiments, so the solutions she proposes are unique and tailored to the needs of the Client. Like Michael Jordan, Małgorzata believes that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. In her free she writes an inspiring blog.

Accredited Executive and Life Coach, author and Programme Management Consultant specialising in coaching and leadership development for project sponsors, managers and team members.

As a business coach, Mike Rawlins aims to help individuals and organisations improve operational performance through the creation of a coaching culture in teams and the development of a capability for deep self and situational awareness in leaders and managers. For project sponsors, managers and team members, Mike has produced a range of development material focusing on the practical application of leadership behaviours, tools and techniques as a means to delivering sustainable value through projects and programmes. Mike aims to help executives, managers, programme sponsors and project managers work with their teams, or with key individuals, to develop high performing leadership skills.


Global Program and Project Manager (PMP®, P2P®, PSM®), consultant, certified trainer and coach in project management and soft skills. Past Managing Director at Project Management Institute® Gdansk Branch. For many years working with Growth & Development Consulting Group. Currently Managing Partner at Effective Consulting. Active community free service worker. Practitioner. Joins and manages projects at all stages to maximize effects and optimize work. Recently realized number of projects and managed programs in fields such as renewable energy sources, IT, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and other. Right now involved in global business transformation programs. At free time – sailing, mountains and fantasy.



Visual thinking trainer, graphic recorder, facilitator and sketch scribe specializing in visual thinking techniques and creativity development. Natalia designs and delivers training and workshops for every age group proving that everyone can draw. She shows how to improve everyday life with simple drawing and teaches how to use drawing in unleashing the creative potential, ideas presentation, effective work or learning. Her unique graphic records can be used to summarize a meeting, a conference or a discussion. She creates handwritten illustrations to simplify the processes, diagrams or procedures. Natalia uses visual thinking in practice by putting on paper everything what matters.


Doctor of physics, TRIZ consultant., Author and co-author of 47 scientific publications. Hi-index – 13, Author and co-author of 6 patents, MA TRIZ Level III certified specialist. President of Science-Industry Association TRIZ Poland, Member of scientific board of TRIZ-Poland Foundation, Co-founder of NOVISMO. Scientific consultant in inventive projects and Pragmatic Innovation (based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – TRIZ) expert.
– Management of inventive projects basing on the Theory of Inventive Problem
– The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving trainings
– Scientific and manufacturing consultant in inventive projects.
Doctor of physics in Institute of High Pressure Physics Polish Academy of Science:
– Terahertz (THz) application material research, microwave-active elements design: Gunn diode, IMPATT resonators,
waveguide elements, measurement microwave systems based on HFSS and Microwave Studio software.
– Nano-scale optic properties of objects research: quantum dots, nanoparticles, nanopowders, carbon nanotubes,
thin layers composites.
– Participant of UE Project: PhotonicRoadSME. Author of 3 R&D reports: “Nanoparticles in photonics application”;
“Quantum dots in photonics application”; „Nanotubes in photonics application”.
– Co-author of: “Photonics in Environment & Energy, A Technology Roadmap for SMEs on new photonic devices
and materials”.


Professional soft skills and project management trainer, PM of Polish MOOC project, engineer, owner of Skills Tower Company, social activist.
Graduated at Gdansk University of Technology, Specialization in Electrical Power Engineering, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Social Psychology. Accomplished Coaching Academy organised by Pomeranian Regional Development Agency. Academic teacher at Gdansk University of Technology, soft skills trainer and consultant in Grow and Development Consulting Group, supervisor of three-years educational programme for engineering Staff of GPEC Company in Gdansk. Enthusiastic in modern forms of education, co-creator and lecturer of courses related to blended learning, e-learning and MOOC formula, uses in education process innovative approaches e.g. Gamification, Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking or Google CSI:Lab. Co-author of one of first MOOC at Polish educational platform-Navoica, speaker of ETEE conference and EduAkcja Conference. At free time training ballroom dance, keeping the moments in the photo frames and travelling though Poland and around the world.


Project manager with 8+ years of experience in market research, providing support and guidance for the biggest FMCG brands on their way to innovation & innovative products. Working as a member of the virtual & cross cultural teams based in Europe, Asia & America. As a student of College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Humanities Hanna graduated from Applied Social Science Faculty (MA, Summa cum laude) and Cultural Anthropology (MA) at the Warsaw University. She also graduated from the first edition of Transition Manager Academy at Kozminski University (2017/2018). Professionally & personally interested in high quality design & effective communication


Current and prospective project and programme managers for the management and coordination of Transition Projects and Programmes. This programme is also suitable for programme and project team members who wish to gain an understanding of the transition management roles they can assume and the contribution they can make towards transition success.

Recommended for project managers and team members of Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  sector or anyone involved in strategic projects and programmes.

Programme Structure

This announcement is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning under Art. 66 Paragraph 1 of the the Civil Code.

1. Managing Organisational Transition, including Change Management
2. Project Management by PMBOK®
3. Project Agile Management
4. Project Risk Management
5. Communication and Team Management
6. Facilitation Skills, including presentation skills
7. Visual Thinking
8. Creative Problem Solving skills – TRIZ
9. Mentoring and Coaching
10. Negotiations for Project Success
11. Virtual and Multicultural Team Management, including Virtual Leadership
12. Transition Programme Leadership
13. Final Project Consultation

180 hours

Opłata semestralna – 4450 PLN / semestr

Opłata miesięczna (12 rat) – 780 PLN

Opłata rekrutacyjna – 85 PLN

For more information and signup

Promotion and Recruitment office of SSW
phone:  509-655-417